Pure Magic by Virgin Twin


Virgin Twin
Jon-Ross & Edward of Sim

Pure Magic
Produced and Mixed by Virgin Twin & John Crewdson

All words and music by Jon-Ross Habina and Edward Keller except where noted.

1. What It Means (Habina)
2. Flipside
3. Unexpected Things
4. I Had to Knock It on the Head (Keller)
5. Imagineering
6. Mirror in the Man
7. Brain (Habina)
8. One Perfect Flower
9. Wooden Boy
10. Playing Jesus
11. The Right Tool for the Right Job
12. My Lucky Rabbit’s Foot
13. One-Hit Wonder
14. War No More
15. Mountain Flight (In Retrospect)

All tracks composed, arranged, performed, and recorded by J-R and EoS, between summer 2003 and autumn 2017, with special guest appearance by Ian Ashworth (tracks 9 and 16).
Album cover is an original artwork by J-R; EoS just added the band name and album title.

Final mastering was done by EoS.


all rights reserved

Barry Briscoe: Cockney Prebble's Avant Garden Full Album 1994

1. Mercy I Cry City (Incredible String Band)
2. Light My Fire (The Doors)
3. Plastic World
4. Jungle Flu
5. See You Later / Hats (Kevin Ayres)
6. See My Friends / Fancy (Ray Davies)
7. Nöels Tea Party
8. A Jolly Tripp
9. Vegetable Man (Syd Barrett)
10. We Are Normal (Bonzo Dog Band)
Brian Prebble- vocals, penny whistle, silly noises and stool.
Edgar Pye – Guitar, vocals, feedback, keyboards and percussion.
Gertrude Lycanthropia- violin, recorder, keyboards and backing vocals.
All arrangements by all of us

Recorded 26th October 1994

Barry Briscoe & Mark Detached: ‘What The *@?! Is This? Side Two [BBE06] 1994

1.    Wibble Wibble Wibble Ooerk There’s A Sinatra In My Toilet
2.    Relax
Zombie Intro
3.    It’s Xmas Time Again Oh No
Ainamalá Duck!
4.    Couldn’t Be Bothered To Think Of One
5.    Big Chief Thundercloud’s Amazing Secret
6.    Brian Prebble’s Nightmare
7.    Man Who Knew What Colour The Sky Ought To Be
8.    I Don’t Wanna Grow Old
9.    Paul McCartney On A Good Day
The Pianos
10.    Jugband Blues
All tracks written by Barry Briscoe and Mark Detached- with Clare West on Track 1, except Track 2 written by Graham Nash and Track 10 written by Syd Barrett. (arr Briscoe & Detached). Lyrics on Track  7 by Mark Detached

Barry Briscoe & Mark Detached: ‘What The *@?! Is This? Side One [BBE06] 1994

Side One
1. Real Living Cliché
2. The Social Values Of Absolutely Nothing
3. A Day At The Races
4. The Twit We Laughed At In Gulliver’s
My Guitar Wants To Kill Me
5. Story Of A Man Who Didn’t Know His Underpants
6. Zodiacal Perambulator
7. Far 2 Limited
8. Identity Unknown
Bus Samba
9. The Sunset
10. Blue Velvet Live At The Spilsby Theatre
All tracks written by Barry Briscoe and Mark Detached- with Clare West on Tracks 3 & 8 - except track 6 written by Mark Detached and Track 10 written by Wayne/ Morris

Barry Briscoe: Cockney Prebble Unplugged! BBE07 1994


1.      Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
2.      British Rail Blues
3.      Musical Photographs
4.      Am I Normal?
5.      Avant Garden
6.      Loneliness
7.      If I Got My Hands Round Everybody’s Throat
8.      Poor Old Supermarket
9.      Smoke On The Water
10.   Why?
11.   When I’m 75
12.   Wayne’s Nose
13.   Farewell
14.   The Nitwit (What A Lovely Day)
BBE07 1994

Golf Harris: Don't Leave Me On My Own {2006 Version}

Produced and recorded by Ricc Terranova in 2006 Written by Paul M Burke Sung by John Crewdson Copyright Pitch and Putt Records 2017

Golf Harris: Paper Case {2006 Version}

                       Produced and Recorded in 2006 by Ricc Terranova
Written and sung by John Crewdson
copyright Pitch & Putt Records 2017

The hirundu: Pain Levels of the Rich and Famous Album 2017

BBC Sci - Fi Sound Effects Album Side 2: Blake's Seven & Earth Search

{Apologies for the sound quality- this side of the album is quite badly scratched.)
The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Sci-Fi Sound Effects Album #26. BBC Records REC420.
Side 2
Blake's 7 Series A-C (Mono effects by Richard Yeoman-Clark & Elizabeth Parker)

    "Orac Switch On"
    "Orac Working"
    "Orac Switch Off"
    "Liberator Computer Mailfunction"
    "Liberator Plasma Bolt Explosion"
    "Liberator Laser"
    "Federation Ship Laser Explosion"
    "Liberator Life Capsule Ready to be Launched"
    "Liberator Ship Background"
    "Liberator Guns X3"
    "Avon's Communicator Bracelet Transportation Sounds"
    "Mysterious 'Being' Disappears in a Flame"
    "Alien Gun"
    "Appearance Of The Ovoid (A Stone Surrounded in Mystery and Magic)"
    "Heavy Voltage Force"
    "Glow From A Mysterious Ghost Who Haunts the Liberator"
    "The Core, A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain which Rules from the Centre of Ultraworld"
    "Interior Of Federation Patrol Ship"
    "Going Through A Black Hole in the Liberator"
    "Space Centre Medical Unit Hum"
    "Machine Monster with a Black Sense of Humour! (who Chases our Heroes Around, Winking)"
    "Break Down Of Machine Monster"
    "Extra-terrestrial Heavenly Choir"

Earthsearch (Stereo effects by Lloyd Silverthorne)

    "UFO Landing"
    "Computer Touch Panel Bleeps"
    "Meteorite Alert Station"
    "Rumbling Gurgle"
    "Hand Held Ray Guns"
    "Space Bombs"
    "Space Police"
    "Outer Airlock Door Open and Close"
    "Inner Airlock Door Open and Close"
    "Plasma Discharge Weapons"
    "Underworld Animation Chamber"
    "Bleeps for Suspended Animation Chamber"
    "Electric Warning Gong"
    "Three Harmonic Strings Followed by Explosion"
    "Sharp Hum With Trail Out"
    "Rapid Fire Laser Guns"
    "Space Hurricane"
    "Spacecraft Crash Into Sea"

BBC Sci - Fi Sound Effects Album Side 1: Hitch-Hikers Dr Who Blake's Seven


The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Sci-Fi Sound Effects Album #26. BBC Records REC420.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series 1 (Mono effects by Dick Mills)

    "The Book's Activation Code"
    "Slartibartfast's Aircar: Takeoff"
    "Slartibartfast's Aircar: Constant run"
    "Slartibartfast's Aircar: Lands"
    "Magrathea Alarm"
    "Magrathea Police guns"
    "Space car park outside The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"
    "The End of the Universe"
    "Black spaceship oscillates"
    "Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal: Eats"
    "Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal: Walks"
    "Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal: Roars"
    "Penargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive engaged"
    "Penargilon Kangaroo Relocation Drive arrival"
    "Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship 'B' Bridge Background"

Doctor Who (Stereo effects by Dick Mills)

    "Earth Shuttle Arriving" (from "The Leisure Hive")
    "Argolis Exterior Atmosphere" (from "The Leisure Hive")
    "Flock Of Bats" (from "State of Decay")
    "Laboratory Descends, Gaztak Spacechip Takes Off" (from "Meglos")
    "Dodecahedron Energy Beams" (from "Meglos")
    "Marshmen Emerge from the Mistfall" (from "Full Circle")
    "Respirator Room background in Spaceship" (from "Warriors' Gate")
    "Time Winds" (from "Warriors' Gate")
    "Alarm" (from "The Keeper of Traken")
    "Electronic Storm" (from "The Keeper of Traken")
    "Cloister Bell In The TARDIS" (from "Logopolis")
    "The Master's TARDIS Lands" (from "Logopolis")
    "The Master's TARDIS Take Off" (from "Logopolis")
    "TARDIS 'Out Of Time Slip'" (from "Logopolis")
    "TARDIS 'Into Time Slip'" (from "Logopolis")

Blake's 7 Series D (Stereo effects by Elizabeth Parker)

    "Dawn Of Emptiness"
    "Space Bells Of Ceremonial Room"
    "Scorpio Spaceship Lands"
    "Scorpio Gun"
                                  - from wikipedia

Dr Bone : Bond Rehearsal 1997


Recorded live in the rehearsal studio.
Songs played: Seven Seas, Puppet Gold, Real, Juicy, Scaramanga, Clam Bake.

Dirk - Life In A Nutshell E.P. Hate Records 1995


1. Tracker
2. Thing
3. Believe
4. Pffft
All tracks copyright Dirk Music 1995 except track 3 (SBT Music 1992).
Nick Greenwood - Guitar Vocals
Brandon Keefe - Keys/Samples/Drums
Mark Mitchell - Drums/Vocals
Shaun Reader - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Thompson  - Bass
Recorded March 1995 at Magnolia Studios Blackpool.
Mixed & Produced by Nigel Chedder Chadwick and Dirk.
HATE Records 001

Glow Worms- Hedonism [1990's Demo Tape]


1. Holding The Baby
2. Slow Lane
3. Split!
4. Sunny Day
5. Saphead
6. King of the Universe
7. Belter
All songs by Atkinson/Borkin/Caley/Lonsdale
Recorded at Assembly Line Studios Preston 
Engineered by Jim Hesketh

Dr Bone: Doom Jazz EP 1992

Recorded and mastered at Yew Tree Farm Studios, somewhere near Nottingham on 21st and 22nd November 1992.

released November 22, 1992

Engineered by Paul Talbot
All songs copyright S.B.T. Music 1992

The Mary Jane Massacre Live At The West Coast Rock Cafe Blackpool 1993


1. I Wanna Die
2. I'm Going Out Tonight To Die
3. It's Crap
4. Michelle's Deadly Rainbow
The Mary Jane Massacre are Jono Wills, Steven Hitchen and Derek Basterfield.

Journey Into Space [Full Album] John Glenn Space Flight Recording 1962 plus JFK Speech


A Souvenir recording of Colonel John Glenn's historic space flight on the Mercury-Atlas 6 Friendship VII rocket February 20th 1962. Commentators Reid Collins and Martin Caidin. Includes John Glenn's cockpit recordings and John F Kennedy's speech (starting at approx 31 mins). World Record Club vinyl album TP258

Dr Bone: Art Decay Fanzine Review In Mangled Mind Issue 5

From the December 1993 issue of Mangled Mind:
"The first thing i have to say about DR.BONE is that their promotional
presentation is one of the most professional I have ever seen - it puts
the major labels to shame.
This young and aggressive Blackpool based band echo in their music the sounds
of Metallica and early Motley Crue.Guitarist Nick Greenwood also includes
Pantera, The Almighty and Judas Priest as a musical influence.
They are currently promoting their debut release - the Art Decay E.P.
The first thing to notice is that it is a Compact Disc, which shows that
they believe in their music enough to invest serious money, but what of the
music ?
Track one titled 'WORLD(10)' has an intro worthy of any Bauhaus record
before crunching into that traditional bass drum beat, in fact to save time
I will say that if you are aware of Motley Crue's classic album Shout at
the Devil complete with Mick Mars guitar refrain and that Lars Ulric drum
sound circa 1990 then this E.P. is for you.
The second track titled 'BODY HATRED' has quite brilliant lyrics, a song that
puts Kate Moss in mind, women who starve themselves for that Supermodel
look, considering this was written by a male rock group they must be highly
commended, whereas most bands follow the traditional "Oh baby i wanna fuck
you" style lyrics,this band to not follow this way of thinking.
Track three called 'IN SILENCE' reminded me of a riff from Metallica's
classic anti war song 'ONE'.
Finally 'BURNING CROSSES' -"Is it right to glamorise murderers?", that
is the closing line, it is a shame that they don't really answer that question.
The song starts with a mock 'Sample' of a killer being interviewed (Bundy
or Manson - you get the idea) but some how the lyric falls just short of an
explanation, but it did remind me of the lines - "Do the burning crosses
haunt you at night,when your death like dream has taken flight,Do the burning
crosses light your way and has the smell of burnt decay taken your soul away ?
Those lines are from the horrific song called "Soul Corruption",a song
that i have to say did come up with a good answer to that previously posed
question (The song was of course by OF PERCEPTION). Back to DR.BONE,i suggest
that you send a cheque for £5:50 to N.Greenwood at the above address and tell
them that Mangled Mind recommended their E.P.
HEADFUCK RATING -9 out of 10."

Dr Bone: The Video and CD That Never Was Flyer

'The Full Monty' - the follow up to Dr Bone's Dodgy Vid never happened. Neither did the 11 track CD.

And A Cast of Thousands - Blackpool Bands Compilation 1981

Various Blackpool Bands from the early 80's
Sunset Sound Studio SSLP2 Recorded and Produced by Robin Dalton and Chris Riley

A1 –Zanzibar Maybe I'm Crazy Written By – Fenton/Thompson

A2 –Foulstroke Chin Up Written By – Speakman

A3 –IN2XS Gonna Be A War Written-By – IN2XS

A4 –Tony Williams Band Trapped Written By – Williams

A5 –The Stairs On The Stairs Written By – Wild

A6 –Quarta Lite Family Written By – Hollis

A7 –S.S.C.B. Lemonade King Written By – Dalton/Docherty

B1 –Moscow Philharmonix One Of These Days Written By – Booth

B2 –Smart Alec Night Time Woman Written By – Parsons/McLaren

B3 –Ex-Directory Be Here Now Written-By – Joe Bullet Bostock

B4 –Zanti Misfitz Hurts Me Written By – De Wulf/Litterick

B5 –Against The Grain Thats The Way Written By – Gregg

B6 –Hollywood Romance In Stereo Written-By – Hollywood