90's Overload: MTV Commericals / Advert Break

Manhattan Cosmetics
Sony UX Cassette Tapes
Wasa Sticks (?)
Replay Jeans and some sort of Ice Beer

Double Bomb Blast Comics Fanzine Number 3 1984

Issue 3 of Double Bomb Blast- a homebrew fanzine created by Karl Crewdson and Mark Bowers (with additional articles by Tim Schinkel and Keith Barlow and artwork by Sue Mason) which was sold in the Odyssey 7 comic shop in Manchester. Featuring articles about Marvel Comics, Underground Comix, Dungeons and Dragons (sort of) and Stephen King with original comic strips in the form of a 2000 A.D. spoof called Jake & Sludge Go Shopping and Kosmik Banana. If I can get my hands on Issues 1 and 2 I'll post them on here too..enjoy! (Click on the pix to make them big)