Barry Briscoe Presents: Some Random Crap From Grimsby 1994

1. Untitled
2. I'm An Alligator
3. Wibble Wibble Ooerk There's A Sinatra In My Toilet
4. Desdemona (Bolan)
5. Big Chief Thundercloud
6. When I'm 75
7. The Gnome Rehearsal (Barrett)
8. Blue Velvet Live At The Spilsby Theatre
9. Jugband Blues (Barrett)
1994 Brickbat Enterprises Limited

My 1983 Diary Episode 3: More Atari Games and Pelham Puppets

Reading the third week of my 1983 Diary in which I play more Car Wars, avoid getting bullied, the Atari 400 gets a 32k memory expansion and a Puppet Theatre happens. Laugh at my incredibly bad spelling! See what kids got up to before the internet! Tune in next week for more 80's nostalgia!