Barry Briscoe & Mark Detached: ‘What The *@?! Is This? Side Two [BBE06] 1994

1.    Wibble Wibble Wibble Ooerk There’s A Sinatra In My Toilet
2.    Relax
Zombie Intro
3.    It’s Xmas Time Again Oh No
Ainamal√° Duck!
4.    Couldn’t Be Bothered To Think Of One
5.    Big Chief Thundercloud’s Amazing Secret
6.    Brian Prebble’s Nightmare
7.    Man Who Knew What Colour The Sky Ought To Be
8.    I Don’t Wanna Grow Old
9.    Paul McCartney On A Good Day
The Pianos
10.    Jugband Blues
All tracks written by Barry Briscoe and Mark Detached- with Clare West on Track 1, except Track 2 written by Graham Nash and Track 10 written by Syd Barrett. (arr Briscoe & Detached). Lyrics on Track  7 by Mark Detached